Briefly about Natural Gas

FöldgázNatural gas is the most popular fossil fuel in Hungary. Similarly to coal and crude oil, it was formed millions of years ago by geochemical and biochemical processes decomposing organic matter. It is widely found in sedimentary formations, but also occurs in volcanic rock. Natural gas is a colourless, odourless and lighter than air gas, which releases a significant amount of energy during combustion with far less environmental impact than other fossil fuels. Its combustion product consists mainly of CO2 and water (hence the unique blue flame), containing only a minimal quantity of polluting substances.

For safety considerations, natural gas is odourized with mercaptan to make it detectable and to prevent tragic incidents in case of gas leakage. Mercaptan is generally added to natural gas in the national gas transmission system, so odourized gas is delivered to the traders and service providers.

Our company is committed to provide increasingly flexible services to Hungarian universal service providers, large consumers, natural gas traders and power plants, therefore we are continuously developing our products. Currently, we offer the following products:

  • Exclusive Supply
  • Combigas Product
  • Regression Product
  • Fixed Price Product
  • Oil Price Indexed Product
  • Flexibility Product Bundle